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Our Virtual Shtetl Jewish Pultusk

Travelling to Pultusk
Jewish Memorial in Kotlarska Ulica
Images of Pultusk
Travelling to Pultusk
Branszczyk Jewish Surnames
Ciechanow Jewish Surnames
Krasnosielc Jewish Surnames
Makow Jewish Surnames
Mlawa Jewish Surnames
Nasielsk Jewish Surnames
Nowy Dwor Jewish Surnames
Ostrow Jewish Surnames
Przasnysz Jewish Surnames
Pultusk Jewish Surnames
Rozan Jewish Surnames
Serock Jewish Surnames
Skorka Jewish Surnames
Sniadow Jewish Surnames
Wegrow Jewish Surnames
Wyszkow Jewish Surnames
Zakroczym Jewish Surnames
The Pultusker Progressive Souvenir Journal
Jewish families of the Pultusk Area - DON family
Jewish families of the Pultusk area - FRENKIEL family
Jewish families of the Pultusk area - SCHIMANN or SCHIFFMAN family
Jewish Families of the Pultusk Area - SOFIAN (SAFIAN) family
Jewish Families of the Pultusk Area - WONSEVER family
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Visiting the Home of Our Ancestors


Pultusk Tourist Office
IT Muzeum Regionalne
Rynek-Wieza Ratuszowa
Telephone/Fax (0)23 692 51 32

                                                           60 km (37 miles) N
                                                                         of  Warsaw
                                                                         Bus from Zachodni
                                                           Pultusk's setting on the
                                                           River Narew is one of
                                                           the loveliest to be found
                                                           in Mazovia. Its Old Town
                                                           occupies a large island,
                                                           and features an ornate
                                                           town hall with a brick
                                                           tower, and one of the
                                                           largest market squares
                                                           in Europe.
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                                                           Dorling Kindersley