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Our Virtual Shtetl Jewish Pultusk

The Pultusker Progressive Souvenir Journal
Jewish Memorial in Kotlarska Ulica
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The Pultusker Progressive Souvenir Journal
Jewish families of the Pultusk Area - DON family
Jewish families of the Pultusk area - FRENKIEL family
Jewish families of the Pultusk area - SCHIMANN or SCHIFFMAN family
Jewish Families of the Pultusk Area - SOFIAN (SAFIAN) family
Jewish Families of the Pultusk Area - WONSEVER family
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"The Pultusker Progressive Souvenir Journal Published for the Tenth Jubilee of Pultusker Progressive Society Sunday, May Fifteenth,

Nineteen Hundred and Twenty Seven"


“The Journal Committee”



The Officers are listed as:

Chairman......................................................... M. DAVIS
Vice-Chairman.......................................... S. GOLDBERG
Financial Secretary.............................. M. GOLDMACHER
Recording Secretary...................................... H. PRAGER
Treasurer....................................................... J. SAVITCH

Chairman of Cemetery............................ B. GREENBLATT

Social Service Committee”



“Members of Our Society”

ABRAMOWITZ, Sam, 329 Madison Ave., N.Y.
ABRAMSON, Abr., 1750 Monroe Ave., Bronx
ADESSER, Edward, 1017 Intervale Ave., Bronx
ALBERT, I., 61 Ashford Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
BERENFIELD, Jake, 128 Cedar Ave., N.Y.
BERENSTEIN, Max, 2 Ridge St., N.Y.
BERENSTEIN, SAM, 1-3 Ridge St., N.Y.
BERLINER, Jacob, 515 Hinsdale St., Brooklyn
BERMAN, Louis, 137 Suffolk St., N.Y.
BERMAN, Saul, 145 Attorney St., N.Y.
BLOOME, ABE, 80 Essex St., N.Y.
BORENSTEIN, Dave, 311 HopkinsonSt., Brooklyn
BORENSTEIN, Louis, 191 Broome St., N.Y.
BUCHNER, A.M., 75 Middleston St., Brooklyn
BZOZA, Hyman, 1349 Grant Ave., Bronx
COHEN, Abr., 436 Montauk Ave., Brooklyn
COHEN, Harry, 456 Cherry St., N.Y.
COHEN, Harry, 1724 Washington Ave., Bronx
COHEN, Joseph, 221 E. Broadway, N.Y.
COHEN, Michael, 989 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn
COHEN, Morris, 2825 Mermaid Ave., Coney Island
DANIEL, Abr., 247Clinton Ave., N.Y.
DANIEL, Berish, 235 Stanton St., N.Y.
DANZIGER, B., 140 Suffolk St., N.Y.
DAVIS, Bennie, 428 Crotona Park East, Bronx
DAVIS, Hyman, 1343 53rd St., Brooklyn
DAVIS, Max, 63 E. 118th St., N.Y.
DAVIS, Soul, 313 E. 114th St., N.Y.
DIRECTOR, Max, 678 Marc Ave., Brooklyn
DZEFKO, Jake, 22 Ridge St., N.Y.
ELSLER, Morris, 323 Harper Pl., Highland Park, N.Y.
ERBSTEIN, Edward, 235 Cypress Ave., Bronx
FEIGAN, Saul, Dr., 314 E. 4th St., N.Y.
FISCHMAN, Dave, 662 Snedicker Ave., Brooklyn
FOONER, I., 601 Quincy St., Brooklyn
GARMAN, I., 1814 Bank Pl., Brooklyn
GELLEN, Sam, 115 Norfolk St., N.Y.
GINSBERG, Philip, 2825 Mermaid Ave., Coney Island
GOLDBERG, Hyman, 318 Newport Ave., Brooklyn
GOLDBERG, Sam, 114 Williams Ave., Brooklyn
GOLDMACHER, Morris, 288 E. 168th St., Bronx
GOLDMAN, Jake, 1214 Willars Ave., Bronx
GOLDSTEIN, Irving, 69 Suffolk St., N.Y.
GOLDSTEIN, Joe, 1711 Stering Pl., Brooklyn
GREENBERG, Morris, 3 Jackson St.,N.Y.
GREENBERG, Philip, 333 Madison Ave., N.Y.
GREENBLATT, Bennie, 88 E.First St., N.Y.
GRUDKO, Sam, 769 Hopkinson Ave., Brooklyn
GRUSKY, N., Dr., 38 Suffolk St., N.Y.
GUZEK, H., 354 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn
HERBERT, Dave, 1509 Quincey St., Brooklyn
HILLMAN, Abr., 331Hinsdale St., Brooklyn
HILLMAN, Harry, 378 Georgia Ave., Brooklyn
HOLTZMAN, Abr., 367 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn
HOROWITZ, Sam, Mount Freedom, N.J.
JACOBOWITZ, Jake, 701 E. 237th St., Bronx
KALENDAR, Morris, 284 Ripley Rd. (?), Brooklyn
KAPLAN, Dave, 504 Powell St., Brooklyn
KARP, Dave, 631 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn
KERSHENBAUM, Isidor, 309 Madison St., N.Y.
KERSHENBAUM, Sam, 224 Clinton St., N.Y.
KLEIN, Sam, 1669 Bryant Ave., Bronx
KLEINMAN, Ida, 135 Monroe St., N.Y.
KNOPF, Nathan, 312 Broome St., N.Y.
LAPATIN, Eva, 849 Woodlock Ave., Bronx
LASKA, Abr., 2196 E. 4th St., Brooklyn
LASKA, Max, 229 Grant St., N.Y.
LAVITSKY, Mrs., 175 Penn St., Brooklyn
LEVIN, Charles, 343 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N.J.
LIPKO, Ksiel, 29 Pitt St., N.Y.
LIPSKY, Nathan, 400 E. 24th St., N.Y.
MILLER, Abr., 349 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn

BLOOM, Abe, 80 Essex St., Corona, L.I., N.Y.
MARGULIES, Bennie, 1246 42nd St., Brooklyn
MARGULIES, Isidor, 52 E. 98th St., N.Y.
MARGULIES, Joe, 1149 Manor Ave., Bronx
MARGULIES, Nathan, 903 Prospect Ave., Bronx
MARKOWITZ, Dave, 2827 W. 28th (?) St., Coney Island
MARKOWITZ, Yetta, 116 Graham Ave., Brooklyn
MELGARSH (?) Herman, 442 Lorimer St., Brooklyn
MEYER, Adolph, 162 W. Burnside Ave.
MIGDAL, Max, 529 Williams Ave., Brooklyn
MILLER, Dave, 197 Broome St., N.Y.
MLASKY, Dave, 73 Essex St., N.Y.
MLINARSH, Harry, Belsome St., Boston, MA
MLINASH, Morris, 353 Newport Ave., Brooklyn
MLINASH, Willie, 1035 Tiffany St., Bronx
MOSKOWITZ, H., 434-6 Sackman St., Brooklyn
MYRENT, Morris, 249 W. 17th St., N.Y.
NADELMAN, Louis, 2825 Mermaid Ave., Coney Island
NESTENPOWER, Harry, 164 Bristol St., Brooklyn
NEWMAN, Jack, 2856 W.33rd St., Coney Island
NEWMAN, Louis, 372-4 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn
NEWMAN, Max, 1450 Madison Ave., N.Y.
NOVAK, A., 58 White St., Danbury, Conn
NOVER, Nathan, 130 Parrow St., Orange, NJ
NOVER, Sam, 80 S. 10th St., Brooklyn
OLDAK, Jake, 133 Canal St., N.Y.
PAPLOWITZ, Dave, 1493 Park Pl., Brooklyn
PEPSHNICK, Jake, 341 Riverside Ave., Brooklyn
PETRUCH, Hyman, 132 Essex St., N.Y.
PETTROFF, Max, 83 Delancey St., N.Y.
PETTROFF, Usher, 112 Ridge St., N.Y.
POSNER, Bennie, 134 W. Burnside Ave., Bronx
PRAGER, Hyman, 135 Broome St., N.Y.
ROSENBERG, Davis, 1621 Amsterdam Ave., N.Y.
ROSENBERG, Isidor, 193 StacktonSt., Brooklyn
ROSENBERG, K., 726 W 172nd St., N.Y.
RUBINSTEIN, Philip, 171 Clinton St. N.Y.
RADZENOWITZ, Louis, 167 Monroe St., N.Y.
RICHMAN, Harry, 135 Broome St., N.Y.
ROSEN, Ike, 1111 Ave. C, Bayonne, NJ
ROSENBERG, Dave, 6827 Arrow St., Forest Hills, L.I., N.Y.
ROSENBLATT, Joe, 577 Wona St., Brooklyn
ROSENBLOOM, Louis, 362 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn
ROSENBLUM, Hyman, 152 W. 24th St., N.Y.
ROSS, Sam, 182 Bay 22nd St., Brooklyn
RUBIN, Nathan, 83 Montgomery St., N.Y.
SAVITCH, Jake, 128 Broom St., N.Y.
SAVITCH, Louis, 122 E. 102nd St., N.Y.
SCHEIR, Morris, 379 Alabama St., Brooklyn
SCHLOSS, Louis, 1681 E. Burns Ave., Bronx
SCHNECK, Abr., 621 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn
SCHNEIDER, A. I., 418 Newport Ave., Brooklyn
SENDACH, Joseph, 364 S. First St., Brooklyn
SHENITZER, Abr., 315 Hopkinson Ave., Brooklyn
SHMULEWITZ, Sam, 202 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn
SHWARTZ, Sam, 1017 Intervale Ave., Bronx
SILVER, Dave, 427 E. 170th St., Bronx
SION, Louis, Mt. Freedom, NJ
SNYDER, Harry, 1056 Fox St, Bronx
SNYDER, Jake, 507 W. 171st St., Bronx
SOFFIAN (sic), Abr., 232 Dumont Ave., Brooklyn
SOKOL, Harry, 165 Lee Ave., Brooklyn
SOKOLOFF, Bennie, 178 Williams Ave., Brooklyn
SRULEWITZ, A. M., ?? S. 8th St., Brooklyn
STAROSHWETSKY, Sam, 42 Essex St., N.Y.
STEIN, Abr., 384 Kean St., Brooklyn
STERN, Max, 285 Brook Ave., Bronx
STERN, Morris, 5124 Hamilton Pkwy., Brooklyn
STOLLACK, Philip, 96 Sheriff St., N.Y.
STONE, Jacob, 280 E. Houston St., N.Y.
STRAUSS, Irving, 56 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx
STRAUSS, Morris, 890 Beck St., Bronx
WENGER, Harry, 662 Vermot St., Brooklyn
WOHL, Philip, 165-7 Broome St., N.Y.
WOLMAN, Abr., 187 Monticello Ave., Jersey City, NJ
WOLMAN, Jake, 187 Monticello Ave., Jersey City, NJ
WONSOVER, I., 435 Snedicker Ave., Brooklyn


Names extracted by Mel Sofian 

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