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Jewish families of the Pultusk Area - DON family
Jewish families of the Pultusk area - FRENKIEL family
Jewish families of the Pultusk area - SCHIMANN or SCHIFFMAN family
Jewish Families of the Pultusk Area - SOFIAN (SAFIAN) family
Jewish Families of the Pultusk Area - WONSEVER family
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Welcome to the virtual shtetl of Jewish Pultusk with its own communal postal service, the J-Pultusk mailing list!

We are a group of family tree researchers tracing our Jewish ancestors  from Pultusk and surrounding area in the province of Mazowiecki (Mazovia), Poland.






All over the world family tree researchers are piecing together the lives of their Jewish ancestors.
Whether they died peacefully in their beds or their lives were cruelly cut short, they are now remembered by their descendants.
Genealogy is more than recording dry facts of birth, deaths and marriages. It's a life-enhancing, and often heartbreaking, journey into the past to find out what makes your family unique and why you are here today.
If your Jewish family was from the Pultusk area or you have an interest in the Jews of the region, the J-Pultusk family mailing list is waiting for you! 

 We would be delighted if you join our mailing list!

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This website and discussion group covers the Pultusk region: Pultusk, Wyszkow, Nasielsk, Rozan, Makow Mazowiecki, Serock and other towns in the region.
We only have photos of Pultusk and Rozan at the moment. If you have information and photos of the other towns in the region, we can create new pages! Please contact the Webmaster on the Contact Us page.

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Calling on descendants globally of the thriving community that was once North Mazovian Jewry!
Our aim is to unite in one group anyone whose Jewish ancestors came from the Pultusk region of North Mazowiecki (Mazovia) or has an interest in its former Jewish community devastated by the Holocaust.
Are you a family tree researcher, academic or a resident of the Pultusk area who would like to find out more about the region's once thriving Jewish community and help our research?
If so, please join our mailing list and/or contribute images and your information to this site. We look forward to meeting you!

Remembering past lives, bringing branches of dispersed families together after years or even centuries apart, keeping the candles of memory burning for lives extinguished.


Pultusk is a city north of Warsaw. The first Jews settled in Pultusk in the early nineteenth century when the area came under Prussian rule. Click here to see a map of the region.

Photos of Pultusk and Rozan courtesy of Stewart Bernstein, Madeleine Slade and Sonia Nishimoto. 

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